Friday, 31 May 2013

30th Bucket List

The only things I wanted to achieve before I was thirty years old was to get married, buy a house and have babies!  

Time was running out and I needed to get me scates on!  I got engaged after five years of dating Chris and we purchased our first house the same month.  18 months later of hard labour of living in hell we renovated our house into a beautiful home.  Piling our savings (yes I am the saving queen!) into this renovation, we then tied the knot at the lovely Folly Farm in Bristol.  Two ticks and one to go...

Poppy was our very own wedding gift, born nine months to the day after we married.  For some unknown reason I was convinced that I couldn't have children.  Probably because I wanted to be a mother so badly.  On return from our honeymoon I was already four weeks pregnant which was quite a shock followed by overwhelming happiness that our dream had come true.

It wasn't all plain sailing though, the next eight months were terrible.  Me and pregnancy were a big no-no.  The next two months I was off work feeling like I was never going to make the end of the pregnancy.  I honestly cannot recall a single day where I felt well.  I was constantly feeling sick and had lower back ache.  Poor Chris, he put up with so much grief from me and we were still newly weds.

I must say, I may have felt like I had a pregnancy from hell but my birth was a dream and I would be happy to do that ten times again than to go through the same pregnancy.

My due date had been and gone and the baby was showing no signs of coming.  So +3 days overdue and I woke up at 4am in the spare room.  We spent almost all of my labour in here, getting through the contractions with our music on in the back ground and a TENS machine strapped to my lower back.  I knew it was time to go so we drove in the car, me laying in the back and suddenly that moment came.  People tell you, when that moment comes, you know when to push.  My god did I. So there I was in the car pushing away to then arrive at the maternity ward only to be told they were full.  You don't discuss that scenario during your NCT classes thats for sure!

Without the gory details, I was giving birth in the waiting room, a midwife finally comes over to say they have a side room with just a bed and no equipment.  So literally with my baby's head crowing I ran (yes ran!) to this bed, jumped on, legs around Chris and out she comes, 25 minutes after the car pulling up.

So there was my final tick at the age of 29.  The bucket list complete.  Chris and I worked so hard to achieve what we have and it's taken years for us to get where we are.  I really do believe that if you want something in life, then it is achieveable.  But don't expect it to be handed to you on a plate. 

Celebrating my 30th on holiday with my family!

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