Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Casino Party

The big day is here and my lovely Chris is 30!  He dreads his birthday every year and hates making a fuss, so obviously I managed to convince him to have a (small) party, enjoy some card games and a few decorations (made by me obviously!)  So in true Coath style another party is on the cards (excuse the pun!) he loves a gamble so why not bring the casino to him.

Playing Cards Bunting

'Chris Bunting'
Date of Birth Playing Card Bunting

Card Suit Signs

With lots of red and black craft paper left over from one of Poppy's parties I was almost there.  I purchased a couple of cheap tea light holders from Wilkinsons and used some LED tea lights that I had left over from our wedding and stuck playing cards to each side for table centre pieces for the main table.  Really pretty effect.  I also purchased a bag of small playing dice via Ebay, again using the LED tea lights put in a small glass around the room for extra decorations.  All subtle but very cute.  The wheel of cards were stuck together using blue-tac (pritt stick just wasn't cutting it this time).

Playing Cards Tea Lights

Dice Tea Lights

Wheel of Playing Cards

As Chris is the official king of cheese, I bought a lovely cast iron fondue set, best thing of the night.  Not only because Chris was in heaven but its a great social menu.  We had such fun using the fondue and can't wait to use it again (I'm thinking chocolate!)  Next time we will use the instructions to avoid another fire in the kitchen - yes an actual full on fire - don't ask.

Cheese Fondue

To help keep the theme going and of course because I love going over the top obviously, I cut out playing suits shapes using red and black felt (from Paper Village on North Street) to use as coasters.  When it came to Chris' birthday cake.. knowing how much he loves cider, why not build him a cider cake.  I wrapped up empty boxes with red crape paper to stacked the bottles on different levels and wrapped a huge ribbon round them all.  This Somerset boy loves his Thatchers!

Playing Suit Felt Coasters

Cider Cake

Uh Oh.. (shhh) the chairs don't match!

Food wise we kept it simple so we didn't have to be in the kitchen all night and we had pizza and garlic bread.  I have recently purchased my first Wilton set of nozzles and piping bag... dear lord you need to be good at it, mine were terrible but its the thought that counted - That's what I have to keep telling myself!  So for the sweet tooth we had deserts included black and red cupcakes (tried to keep them manly) and shortbread dice using fondant icing and chocolate drops.

Black and Red Cupcakes

Shortbread Dice Biscuits

Throughout the night we played card games and the delightful Oli bought along his poker set.  I also bought a roulette wheel with glass shot glasses.  The most amazing game ever and certainly will be used again for any party (perhaps not Poppy's 2nd birthday).  All for under a tenner - amazeballs!

Roulette Wheel
Happy Birthday to my darling Chris xx

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