Friday, 31 May 2013

The Weekend Getaway

In my opinion I am definately married to one of the most romantic men in the world, (Mr Slush as Gemma calls him!)  Chris is a gem that is for sure.  Even our first date was well detailed and planned to the T with romantic gestures.  His creativity blows you away and the level of time and effort makes all his gifts amazing.  What makes me smile isn't the purchases but the small gestures that come for free with them.  (Saying that if you read this Chris please don't stop buying me pretty things!)  Having dated Chris since he was twenty, I wish I had made a note of all things that he has done and made for me, because even the little things that he does day to day, some women would be lucky if they received once throughout their entire relationships.

So it sounds perfect doesn't it being married to a knight in shining armour.  It does however, make it super tough for me to constantly think of ways and gifts that would equally surprise him or exceed his expectations.  So for our second wedding anniversary I decided to take charge for once and organise a few things.  Leaving Poppy at my parents house, we were off on our first child free weekend to London.

Chris has a great interest of World War II, so trying to be selective of where we stayed, the hotel used to be the home of secret service during the world war.  (They also have TV screens in the bath and amazing views of the London Eye - and Mark Man Green gave me a discount!)

Bedroom View

Bath whilst watching Hollyoaks!

As you do in London, you walk for miles so on our way to the Churchill Museum (you see the theme here) we walked through St. James Park and checked out the scenery with my fancy new camera.  I must say the camera is one of the most beautiful things I've seen but it does make you feel like the paparazzi sometimes.

Would you like a camera with that zoom?

I was reccommended by a friend to try out Jamie Oliver's Notting Hill Recipease as an alternative to a meal for two in a restaurant.  I must say I'm really glad we did it.  We went to Vietnam in 2009 for three weeks so when I saw a cooking lesson for Vietnamese street food, it seemed perfect.  The food was delicious and we had lots of fun making it too and then enjoying a few glasses of wine whilst watching the world go by.  The receipe was easy to follow and we have since made it at home.

Chris cooking up a storm

The finished product

A great weekender just me and the hubby getting some quality time together.  happy Wedding Anniversary Chris!

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