Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Duracell Bunny

If I were to describe Poppy in three words it would be: confident, independent and determined.

Even on the day that Poppy was born, the midwife commented on how wriggerly and strong she was.  Not something I really took notice of.  My god I soon found out, Poppy is one tough cookie!  Even as a new born she showed early signs of being on the move.   She was doing it all before the 'milestones' that Babycentre hound you with each week.

I would say looking back and even watching her now she could/can be a frustrated baby.  She knows what she wants and doesn't give up.  Its so brilliant that she is like this, it can also be hard work too especially when she won't hold your hand down the street and will walk off into the wildnerness without even looking back for Mummy!  She's certinatly no couch potato and I would be lucky if the TV caught her eye for five seconds.  She's like a Duracell bunny, she just never stops moving.  The only time I can get her sit still is either in her high hair (eating), reading a book (fast) and most recently stroking her face (which equals a five seconds trance like state).  It's probably why she still sleeps for four hours during the day at 15 months.  Hey, definately no complaints here!

One of the things I love most about her, is her determination.  My mum says that she is very like me when I was a toddler and apparently I was a nightmare... not sure what the next few years holds for me then!  She certainly keeps me on my toes and I do feel like the fun police sometimes but I tell you what, my girl definitely has personality!

Poppy Taking Time Out to Relax

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