Friday, 31 May 2013

Birthday Girl

All the best people are born in May... yay me! I'm not really that fussed about my birthday and for the past few years (excluding the 30th) it's been low key with the family - is that age?  As previously posted, without spilling all my private moments, I thought I would make an effort to take note of just some of the gifts that Chris makes for me.

The day started off with a lie in until 08:30 (oh how times change!) Followed by an american style breakfast and opening of my presents including a little itinerary of what the day ahead has planned for me.   

Happy Birthday to Me!

When I heard Chris say his wedding vowels at the altar, I could have died and gone to heaven there and then.  So it was a lovely surprise to see he had printed and framed them for me to read everyday.  Zoom in enough and you will also see the spelling mistakes... Do I tell him?

Wedding Vowels

The below frame is how he printed a map of each of our home address where we were born and grew up and shaped the map into each family member and framed as 'The Coaths'.  Looks easy but was actually really difficult to do without stretching the map.  Overall looks fabulous!

Family Mapping

Firstly, I must say that there are only two eating cake people in our household so when this whopper of a cake was made for me... my eyes nearly popped out!  So sweet of my chef, how could I decline a slice of this.

Birthday Cake

Yes that is a duster!

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