Sunday, 16 June 2013

Photography Course

I've always really enjoyed taking photographs, now with Poppy in the world I am like the paparazzi.  I love taking portraits in particular.  Chris recently bought me a Canon Digital SLR camera with lots of pretty buttons.  So I went on a one day photography course to try and get to grips with how on earth you use the god damn thing.  Point and click is about as far as I go.

A hot sunny day on the Bristol harbourside and I'm sweating on the amphitheatre steps listening the to guy drone on about aperture, speed shutters, depth of field and optics and I'm nearly passing out from the sun.  This aside it was a good day and I now know a (little) bit more, but its all practice. 

It was nice to be outside and take photos of the beauty that is Bristol.  However upon return, my lack of decent photos to show Chris was disappointing.  So on with the show, I am now armed with a bit more knowledge and have my very own mini model at my disposal.  Watch this space!

Hi there!

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