Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fathers Day

So the big day is here.. and we are off to Church!  *Haha* I give a very small chuckle at the thought of this.  But it is the Christening of our lovely mini friend George, so - its a pleasure!

Upon our return and a three hour nap for Poppy having burned herself out at God's pleasure, then back at Laura's house running wild.  Time to put up the bunting and get the presents out.  (Serious bunting addiction going on here!)

The main gift was a Scrabble frame.  I bought a large selection of spare scrabble pieces from Ebay and stuck them down on a frame that I purchased from Ikea (my house is full of them all different shapes and sizes.  Love them!)  Very cheap idea, yet different.

Scrabble Frame

I bought the glass candle holder from Wilkinson for the grand price of £1, removed the wax and cleaned it up.  I had some left over tags from Christmas and filled up the glass with his favorite nuts.  Again quick and easy. 

All Daddys love the nuts

It was unlikely I could give a box of gifts without including a few beers.  So I printed out some free printables I found online to cover up the beer labels and cut out some wine bottle tags.  All keeping with the Fathers Day theme.  It looked that good, Chris thought that was how I purchased them so I was quite pleased!

Wine Bottle Tags
Free Printables

A few extra bits and pieces including a T-shirt for Poppy to wear (which unfortunately having been out all day in a posh outfit followed by the longest snooze in the world, it wasn't to be worn).  Also a novelty chocolate coin and of course a Fathers Day Bee footprint card.  (Seriously what else would he want!)  Happy Fathers Day to Chris! xx

Poppy's New T-Shirt

Fathers Day Footprint Card
Every Father Needs Chocolate in his Life!
The Finished Product

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