Thursday, 10 April 2014

Toddler Easter Lunch Party

Here we are again, Easter already!

My life over the past four months has been completely taken over by our house being renovated with builders, electricians, plumbers, tilers, kitchen fitters.. you name them.. they've been here. Full time and almost sending me into some mid life breakdown... Anyway back to Easter!

Following a nightmare winter, I wanted to keep it low key this year, so Poppy had three friends over which now they are bigger (and quicker) is just right. Everyone also gets a seat as well this way! Due to the amount of craft bits I make I can't keep them all, so each party we have new items are made (and subsequently thrown away) it really brakes my heart to do that, but I can't justify keeping it all. Saying that we are in the process of creating a new study. Maybe this can be my craft centre!

Pastel paper bunnies with cotton wool tails

Bobbled paper hanging carrots

Table Centre piece hanging easter eggs
Poppy recently got her first table and chairs so it was so adorable watching them all sit up and the table (scavenging) for their food.  Its lovely to watch as she has such independence and watching them socialise is great!
Before the carnage

Poppy and her boys

Poppy tucking in!
Food wise this year, again I kept it very basic.  I just didn't have the time to go all out.  The night before I made some Easter nests, I'd hoped Poppy would help make them but I just didn't have the time!  Food wise was kept to sandwiches and wraps, fruit and cheese.  Obviously a little hot cross bun treat for my mummies as well!

Egg Cup Food Cases

Flower shaped sandwiches and wraps

Hot cross buns!
Finally I thought this year I would try out a Easter Egg Hunt... our garden is under construction and following the building work its not yet toddler friendly so I kept it indoors and simple.  The kids seem to enjoy it although did regularly go off track!  However the last treat was chocolate and that went down very well!

Signs hopefully pointing them in the right direction! haha!

Each toddler had their own colour egg

Personalised cardboard baskets
All in all a lovely party which ended up with some very tired toddlers!  Thank god for the afternoon nap! xxx

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