Friday, 20 December 2013

The Nautical Baby Shower Party

Yay! So the lovely Kate Brown is having a baby boy and is due just a couple of days before Christmas. As soon as I found out, I asked if I could help organise the baby shower!

We discussed what type of theme we should go for, both her and hubby John were undecided on the decoration for the nursery. A toss up between nautical and transport (so cute!) My brain started racing away on the nautical side of things and 'Ahoy Its A Boy' was born! Bunting madness was out and about in lovely blue, red and white colours.

Obviously the bunting was staged for this photo!

This one too!
Originally I was going to organise the food as well, however Kate's lovely mum offered to host the event and provide the food. One less thing for me to do! On with the favours, I didn't really want to spend too much money and at the same time a 'favour' is just a small token of gesture so I came up with 'Ready to Pop' bunting and cut up an old cardboard box and made paper cups to hold popcorn. I was really lucky to find these cute photo frames for only £2 each from Wilkinsons which matched the blue colour perfectly.

For Katie's keepsake message, I thought 'Message in a Bottle' was very fitting and bought some netting from a local party shop to create a 'ship wrecked' look, and created a note for all guests to write on and put in a bottle when finished for Katie to read later.

I decided not to do a traditional nappy cake with gifts inside but to keep it simple with nappies only. I made the 'anchor' decorations and used a flower I had from home to decorate. It was really effective and I think I would definitely do this way again.

Just slip in a few origami boats as well!
Chris is such a wizz on the computer, we often laugh at how terrible we are at working together. We are too bossy so at times there are plenty of tears! However he did such justice, the invite was really good and lots of the girls commented on it. He also created a 'letter head' for the baby shower and this was used across all over the games, food labels and just about anything that involved paper! You can probably tell I am very particular about party planning!

The popular invitation
I made Katie a super duper cute ribbon to wear (laminated and all!). I wanted her to feel special but without being uncomfortable so this was perfect!

Kate Brown - In disguise! 
 My darling friend Kate Blonde, decorated the cupcakes and did a smashing job making life rings and boats. Very tasty too! I also attempted a bit of origami for the sale boats. Must have taken me at least 20 attempts to make, but they made really lovely accessories around the room!

Blondes lovely cupcakes

Deciding on what game prizes to buy or make, did make the clogs go round quite a bit. Again I didn't want to spend too much money so I collected a few jam jars and purchased some sweets. I made the labels and used baking sheets for the lids.

So all in all, a very sweet gathering for our yummy mummy to be. Even if she was really knackered by the end of it!

Our Yummy Mummy to be

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