Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Easter Lunch Party

Seem as though it's party central here for Poppy, I am thinking why not celebrate Easter with another p-a-r-t-y! With so many Easter crafts to make its ideal for me to practice, plus the lady who runs the local craft shop is loving me.

The Party Room

Hanging Easter Eggs
Easter Bunting

I provided a spread of baby friendly treats and let the mummys marvel over the cute Easter alternatives to Chocolate.  I must admit when it comes to Poppy, I am like the food police.  But hey, She's only one and what she can't taste she won't miss.  For now anyway.
Friendly Fruit

Baby Friendly Wraps
Egg Box Treats

Heart Shaped Sandwiches

Out came the paper craft again for this party.  Napkin holders, Easter chicks and bunnies all at the ready.  Just a shame once the party is finished they get thrown away, I am the most unlikely hoader in the world so there is no keeping them. *Wiping tears from my face*.

Paper Flowers

Carrot Napkin Holders

Paper Easter Chicks & Bunnies

Dyed Egg Shells

For this year's Easter gift to Poppy rather than the tradional egg which no doubt I would gobble down on her behalf and remember I am the food police, I decided to put together a little Easter basket treat.  One of her favourite teddies plus a new book to read over Easter with her and a couple of cute chicks (which were swiftly removed after Poppy trying to eat them). Very adorable just like her, not to sure I will get away with this next year though!

Alternative Easter Egg

The First Birthday Party

Like most one year olds, my daughter Poppy is into everything and anything, so if I was going to do a theme I wanted it to be amazing!  Keeping it simple I decided to go for a 'Poppy' theme, something that she (let's face it I mean me) can look back on and smile. My daughter was born at a very similar time to other babies from the friends I made locally.  So we decided to have three birthday parties spread over a few weeks.  (Yes I did type three and this won't be happening every year I can assure you!)  This party was for our adult friends and a good excuse to have a glass of wine (or bottle in my case).  Maternity leave gave me the time to prepare and create the poppy decorations.  It also left me explaining to confused guests why decorations were up a month ahead of the party.  All my decorations were home-made using either red and black paper, balloons and a lot of glue!

Poppy Bunting


Paper Poppy

Number One Letters

Continuing with the theme, comes the food, again all home made (get me!) and where possible Poppy related.  My husband and I were up late the night before making the birthday cake.  Maybe not the most professional looking cake but I was so chuffed we made it for her, best cake we have made anyway.   My lovely friend Adele who definitely is a professional made us some beautiful Poppy cupcakes which tasted amazing too.

The Birthday Cake


Poppy Cupcakes

Poppy biscuits

Other fun decorations I made included a 'Year of Photographs' one of each month and hung like bunting, party bags and facts about Poppy and her first year in the shape of a number one which we framed in red and black obviously.

Poppy Party Bag

A Year of Facts

Monthly Photo Bunting

To top the theme, the little lady clearly needed a dress to impress her guests, born in Spring made it easier to find a Poppy dress and at the bargain price of £8 from Matalan... SOLD!  Completely biased I know but my god she takes my breath away when she wears it and lets face it, I will be lucky if she gets two months out of it.

Star of the Show

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Here goes for the first post!  Got to start with footprints.  I am absolutely loving making cards for family and friends.  If there is an occasion then there is definitely a reason to get the paint out and get foot printing.  If my one year old knew how to sigh and roll her eyes back each time I get my monstrous craft box out then Poppy definitely would.  Poor love, she's probably wondering what all the fuss is about.  Her feet are so cute, squishy and completely adorable (trying not to gush too much here) and I enjoy watching the changing shape of her feet as she gets older.  You might be wondering about handprints, have no fear they are still to come.  But for now its all about the footprints.




Fathers Day

Birthday Girl

Birthday Boy


Mothers Day

Grandads Birthday