Monday, 18 November 2013

My First Public Meltdown

I should actually re-phase the title to include my darling daughter's name, because yet it was not me that went limp each time she was picked up, only to lay flat on the floor in the middle of my sacred John Lewis acting like the world was coming to an end.

So my time had come.

Finding shoes so far is not straight forward for Poppy.  We skip pass the pretty shoes on display and head straight for the practical ones.  Poppy has wide, high instep and turned in feet.  (Which I hope the latter will eventually straighten out naturally).  So choosing shoes is vital to give her support to ensure she can walk and run well.

Finding shoes takes time and like most one year olds, her short attention span can be hardwork.  So Poppy decided enough was enough and no more shoes were going to be tested.  Que the huge meltdown, running off, legs and arms flapping all over the place.  Then finally the full on tantrum.  Terrible twos!? What a load of banana sticks - starts at one!

To be honest I was pleased with how I dealt with it, surprisingly I didn't get as stressed as I thought I would.  I was more concerned that the shop assistant was telling me that Poppy had no hope in hell in getting any shoes.  Trying to strain my ears to hear the assistant telling me this over Poppy and her woes, I could see the sweat starting to drip on her forehead as she struggled to cope with a child giving it some in the shop and trying to tell the mother that her child would be forever shoeless.

Trying to strap a tantruming child back into the pram is another issue all together, so swiftly moving on we were out of there.  Within seconds of  leaving I could hear the soft tones of 'choo choo' and I could tell already that the mood had lifted and I had my girl back.  Even if she was shoeless.

Two days later I'm back in a new shoe shop round the corner with hubby in tow for support and we walk out within half an hour with two new pairs of shoes and a pair of wellingtons!  Not too sure when and how the next one will arupt.... But like every mummy.. I will fight through it!
Hair Raising Poppy!

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