Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Renovation Part One - The Dining Room

Next room to discuss! We have an open plan sitting room and dining room, so both rooms were completed at the same time.  I wanted to keep the theme in both rooms the same so it felt that they were one, yet clearly show each room had its own purpose.

Like the sitting room, we have another chimney breast in the dining room.  My mother could have cried when we told her that we were blocking up both chimneys (they were already blocked up with a 1960's back boiler in the dining room and heater in the sitting room).  Although they would have been great features for a Victorian house, I wanted them blocked as I had in mind how I wanted the room to look.  

The main building and construction tasks for this room were as follows:

-Remove double window and replace with large floor to ceiling French doors
-Build a floor to ceiling chimney breast
-Damp course completed
-Plaster boarded walls and ceiling
-New skirting boards, coving and flooring
-Plastered walls and ceiling
-New radiators and pipe work
-Floor to ceiling alcove book shelves

The French doors made a huge difference to the light in the room and yet made the garden feel welcoming.  I am so pleased we made this choice.

The Right Hand Side of the Dining Room

The Left Hand Side of the Dining Room
New French Doors
Chris Blocking and Building a New Chimney Breast

The Left Hand Side of the Dining Room

The Right Hand Side of the Dining Room

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